How will you craft your next job ad?

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1. Your job title is wrong

Make sure the job title is relevant. The job title is the most important part of your ad as it is the first thing a potential candidate will look at before going through the rest of the description. Sometimes the job title will give the wrong impression to candidates and they may not read any further. So instead of helping it will only confuse them.

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2. Why do you not want to include your company details?

Candidates like to know who they may be working for. Hiding this may deter quality candidates from applying for a role or cause issues later down the line. It may also help to attract great candidates if you mention positives about the company’s culture.

If you still do not want to publicise your company’s name then provide some information about the company that is positive and indicative of who you are.

“We are in the top five security installation companies in the UK”

3. Our vacancies are the same as everyone else in our industry.

Every vacancy is different in the same way as every company is different, your culture, the people working in your organisation. Give potential candidates a reason why they should work for you as opposed to your competitors. It is not always just about the money. A dynamic culture, flexible working patterns, employee recognition programs or great benefits have a value to candidates over and above the basic salary.

Add why this job is different.

4. Poorly thought out ads often lack the necessary information.

Whilst you do not want to make an ad too long and put every aspect of the role you need to make sure that you include the critical points. An ad should be between 400 – 800 words.

Make sure you include the basics: qualifying criteria, skills/ experience required, location and salary range etc.

Are there points you can ad to help candidates self screen, help them decide if the role is for them or not. he must have a clean driver’s license.

Include as many job essentials as can be added without making the page look cluttered.

5.  Don’t over complicate things.

Try to keep it simple, the more hurdles you place in the candidates way the more likely they will drop out.

Keep away from jargon, complicated application procedures or funky graphics as these can make it difficult for the right candidates to read and comprehend the key message.

                                                   Keep it simple

7. Your ad is nothing but the copy/ pasted version of an old job ad.

Don’t just copy an old ad. Look at how your business has changed, it’s organisation, it’s growth. Has the role changed since the last ad or the law. Because of geography your ad will be seem by candidates that may have looked at your roles before. If the ad is the same then they may not apply this time either.

Making sure that your job ad correctly outlines what you want from prospective employees and

what they can expect from your company in return, this will pay off big time by attracting the right quality talent to match your requirements.

By Jason de Jonge

Does Networking sound weird to you? Get use to it!

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Nowadays if you want to grow your business, get a new job or you just want to build a large contact list, Social Media will be your best friend.

We know it’s a difficult task but being online will help you in everything you do in your life. However we also know you might be lost as you want to do the right thing. Don’t worry, here we give you 5 tips will help you to get started!Recruitment boutique

1.- Create a good profile. Why don’t you have a look at people’s profile? it will give you an idea about what I mean. Your future followers are looking for attractive cover images and descriptions about how you are and what you do. Keep them updated!

2.- Specify your goals. If you know exactly what you want to get, you’ll know who you’ll have to follow and which content you’ll have to publish. All of these features will help your future followers to know wether  it’s worthy following you or not.

3.- Keep yourself updated. Reading the news is so important as everything else. Knowing what is out there will help you to identify what your followers like and want to hear so that you both can have something to share.

4.- Networking is about connecting. Networking is based on starting a relation with other users. Don’t treat them as nicknames but as real people you want to connect with. If you talk to them regularly and show interest in what they do, they’ll be willing to talk to you back.

5.- You need to enjoy it. When you are into networking you need to enjoy being part of it. Social Media keeps changing every second, that’s why you need to be updated most of the time and for this reason, you need to like it and enjoy it!

5 Tips that will help you to find the right job!

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According to experts, the beginning of the year is always the worst time to look for a job but as it’s almost finished, our hopes rise again. However, you, future perfect candidate, will need to know how to apply for your dream job and that’s how I am going to help you today.recruitment boutique

1.- Work on your CV, I mean it. Personally, I would avoid words as “believe”, “think” and I never write “motivated” as one of my qualities. Show recruiters you are sure you are the employee they are seeking and always show them you are definitely willing to prove your skills. This is considered a plus as they can see you are ready to go.

2.- Use Social Media.  Aside from the main uses of Facebook and Twitter, some people utilise these sites in another way. Let’s use the example that you are interested in a particular Company. Then the best way to highlight yourself to them is commenting their publications, following events they are promoting and the most important thing: being updated of news related with their economical situation. If they publish on LinkedIn someone is about to retire, it might be your opportunity to apply for that position that hasn’t come out yet…and that’s a perfect chance for you.

3.- Video CV. Does it sound too creative for you? You don’t need to worry, not many candidates create this kind of videos and that’s the reason why someone who does it is more likely to be selected than someone who doesn’t.

4.- Acquaintances. Sometimes letting people know you’re looking for a job can help you a lot. Don’t underestimate the power of your relationships. Who knows? Tomorrow you might meet someone at your regular who’s looking for someone like you.

5.- Be active and don’t give up. It sounds absurd but most of the people give up in their searching before finding the job they want. There are lots of opportunities out there, you just need to be in the right place and at the right moment!

Fixed fee recruitment

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In the interconnected world, finding the ideal hire should be a doddle… Shouldn’t it? The truth is that as more connections are made, and more doors are opened the amount of data to sift through increases almost exponentially.
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This is where search engines really come into their own… Kind of. You see, search engines are very good at pulling in data in relation the search phrase, but the searcher isn’t really relying on the accuracy of the search engine… He is relying on the quality of the data contained within the individual search results.

Hiring a recruitment agency has its obvious plus points, being able to take a back seat while they do all of the heavy lifting for one thing – making sure prospects are actually suitable, and they aren’t just putting the right keywords into their CV’s is often a thankless task!

On the other hand, you may well find yourself sitting and waiting, imagining what the final bill will be like once a candidate is found – by this point you could be kicking yourself for not hiring your cousin Paul like your mum wanted you to.

What to do then? The idea of passing off the work to an agency is very attractive, and for good reason, but the thought of what is very often a very large bill at the end (especially if you are a small business or startup) is off putting to say the least.

Fixed fee recruitment is the answer you were looking for

When you know that the fee is set at a specific amount, you can rest easy knowing that whatever happens to the campaign, the cost for it isn’t going to give you any grey hair.

Here at the Recruitment Boutique, we have made the process as simple as possible for you… Just tell us what you are searching for, and we will take care of the rest.

After being given the details of your vacancy, the Recruitment Boutique researchers will begin to advertise it with social media channels and around 40 different job sites, including the big names such as Fish4Jobs.

Our full featured service does not end with simply advertising the vacancy – after all, you could have done that yourself – this is just the start of a very comprehensive recruitment drive.

You see, our researches will filter advertisement responders to eliminate those that don’t closely meet your previously specified criteria – applicants that are still in the game, are the applicants that will appear in your client area.

In addition to this ‘advertise and measure’ approach, we also mine all of the online CV databases (such as the infamous CV-Library) for, well, data. This second layer of job matching gives us access to over 20 million (publicly available) CV’s.

Impressed? You will be… Because once suitable candidates are found, we will contact them to find out if they would be interested in the advertised position. Any that are interested in applying are posted to your account with the other hopefuls. Each job board is scoured at least once a week, throughout the life of the campaign.

Our full featured campaigns last for a total of 28 days, and you are able to message our research teams at point to provide feedback which they can use to further refine the process.

Campaigns are not restricted to finding just one candidate either. The vacancy could be for one individual, or you could be building a marketing army… Size really doesn’t matter, because the fee is for the campaign management.

What that means is, regardless of how many people we are looking for the service fee will only ever be £199.00 +VAT. And that’s guaranteed.

The payoff

Hiring a recruitment agency isn’t always costly, because it doesn’t have to be. There is a better way, and that is fixed fee recruitment. There is also a better agency, and that is the Recruitment Boutique and our fixed fee, full service recruitment.

Call us today for an informal chat, but don’t ask for a quote… It’s fixed.