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Tesco Bank Creates 100+ Customer-Centric Roles

Tesco Bank is to create 120 new technology and change roles across its Edinburgh and Newcastle offices. In a statement, the firm revealed the move was part of a wider investment in customer-centric solutions aimed at helping to better meet the needs of Tesco shoppers. 

This is in addition to the 20 roles created when Tesco Bank announced that Newcastle was to be the home of a technology hub, which launched in November 2019. 

Tesco Bank adds while the roles will command a competitive salary, successful candidates will also benefit from the chance to work flexibly to suit lifestyles and take advantage of a range of discounts in Tesco stores.



Bear Robotics, A Company Making Robot Waiters, Just Raised A $32 Million Round Led By SoftBank – TechCrunch

The round was led by SoftBank Group, whose other recent robotics bets include the currently beleaguered food truck company Zume and, as we reported yesterday, Berkshire Grey, a seven-year-old, Lexington, Mass.-based company that makes pick, pack and sorting robots for fulfillment centers and that just raised a whopping $263 million in Series B funding led by SoftBank.  Ha — a former Intel research scientist turned technical lead at Google who in recent years opened and closed his own restaurant —  was asked to share more about the company and its robot servers.

Bear Robotics, a company making robot waiters, just raised a $32 million round led by SoftBank


Pay Growth Likely To Slow In 2020

Based on its analysis of pay awards made in the final quarter of 2019 and a few early awards in 2020, XpertHR anticipates the rate of pay growth to slow in the coming months. 

In the three months to the end of December 2019, the median pay settlement fell to 2.2% – slightly below the 2.5% seen across the whole year. 

Almost half (48.8%) of awards were worth less than the settlement received by the same group of employees a year ago. 

Sheila Attwood: “The first pay deals of 2020 suggest that employers are taking a cautious approach, leading us to believe that there will be no jump in pay award levels in 2020.”



Don’t Leave Retiring Employees To Fend For Themselves

So it’s vital that HR plays its part in planning the post-work future for employees. The responsibility of helping many people to make the transition from full-time employment, perhaps through part-time working, to a full retirement will be your responsibility.

 Employees need help with navigating the new complexities of the pension world such as drawdown, and if you’re not part of that solution you should be asking yourself why not. Until human nature – and pension regulation – changes the onus is on employers to provide help to their employees and the necessary support to allow them to make informed choices about their future retirement needs.



4 Ways You Can Benefit From Schmoozing At Industry Events

There can be a temptation to go down the path of becoming a “celebrity founder,” where every week you might be talking at a different event. New sales leads should mostly come from a healthy sales org, not the CEO attending dozens of events.

Maynard Webb saya “If you’re extroverted, the thought of attending an event may energize you—and that’s terrific. I make sure that attending an event will enable me to make at least twice the impact I would have had in the office, and I define what that looks like so I know how to focus my time at the event.”

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The Role Of The CFO In An Organisation

The role of the CFO differs greatly between businesses and industries. Operating as an effective CFO requires different skills and experiences to drive the business forward in an efficient manner. 

The CFO role is undergoing perhaps its greatest change in recent history, where operating as a highly effective CFO requires a more business-wide leadership approach and the adaptability to keep up with the pace of digital disruption. With the importance of digital innovation ringing in the ears of the C-Suite, this whitepaper conducted by NetSuite highlights the challenges and path to achieving organisational goals, looking at fundamental areas in which CFOs must focus to be effective.

The role of the CFO in an organisation