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Managers Sweep Harassment Under The Carpet, Says CIPD Report

The CIPD surveyed both employers and employees about their views on harassment, and a significant proportion of employees said managers often made the situation worse.

Four in 10 of those who’d experienced bullying or harassment said their manager was responsible, while 34% said managers’ lack of confidence to deal with harassment meant conflict was not being dealt with effectively.

“The number of managers who are being blamed for harassment and bullying should serve as a wake-up call to employers to put training managers at the heart of efforts to prevent inappropriate workplace behaviour,” Rachel Suff, senior employment relations adviser at the CIPD said. “And when conflict does occur, they can help to resolve the issue more quickly and effectively.”

Managers sweep harassment under the carpet, says CIPD report


Half Of UK Workers Plan To Ask For A Pay Rise

The average UK worker is reportedly preparing to ask their employer for a 6% pay rise.

 “Making pay and packages more transparent, telling women what their males peers are asking for, and not agreeing pay deals that distort the gap are the only ways to level the playing field,” said Lorna Fitzsimons. 

“When it comes to pay rises and asking for what they want women are much more likely to ask for what they think they need.” Matt Weston, UK managing director at Robert Half, suggested that employers need to be more open to employees’ salary requests and to consider their options when they’re trying to retain top talent.



These Are The Most Sustainable Corporations In The World

An annual ranking from Canadian research firm Corporate Knights, revealed January 21 at the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, Switzerland, scrutinized more than 7,000 companies to identify the 100 most sustainable corporations in the world. 

Though the U.K. didn’t account for a large share of the list, one company got into the top 50. This ranking also looks at financial performance and corporate longevity, and Corporate Knights says this is linked to sustainability efforts, because investors are becoming more assertive in calling for companies to deal with these issues.

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Microsoft’s CEO Looks To A Future Beyond Windows, IOS, And Android

“What do you think is the biggest hardware business at Microsoft?” asked Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella last week during a private media event. “Xbox,” answered a reporter who had been quizzing Nadella on how the company’s hardware products like Surface and Xbox fit into the broader ambitions of Microsoft. “No, it’s our cloud,” fired back Nadella, explaining how Microsoft is building everything from the data centers to the servers and network stack that fit inside.

 You don’t need to decipher his language here to understand that Microsoft is looking far beyond iOS, Android, and Windows to build Azure into what the company calls “the world’s computer.” 

It’s an obvious acknowledgment of how mobile computing has shifted the way we communicate and work, and it’s a nod that Microsoft is looking far more broadly to get back to its roots as a software company — not just the maker of Windows and Office — and try not to miss the next big thing.